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Steampunk Wedding

I was not informed of the genre for this wedding so it was a delightful surprise. Maureen and Aaron invited everyone to wear Victorian and gears for their big day at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. The ceremony was outdoors overlooking the flower garden, the cocktail hour in the conservatory, and the reception in a hall behind it. The guests attracted lots of attention from tourists and locals alike. Park rangers stood guard to keep the general public from invading out of curiosity. Lots of love and liquor flowed. When I left, the good vibes were still building. What a party, as they say. Thank you Aaron and Maureen for welcoming me so graciously. It was a joy performing for you. I hope your honeymoon in Scotland is as magical as your wedding.

For those of you who are not familiar with Steam Punk, here is the Google Images page. You can also read this good description in Wikipedia.



Jeff Hope

Jeff grew up in Pacifica. His brother Bruce along with lots of his friends have fine memories of their early days. He was an electrician after serving in the National Guard. His wife, Susan, daughters, and many family members honored him in the most fitting way. The common thread was that he was an easy guy to know and knew how to treat people. Even his prom date spoke, relating how their ride home did not show up and he walked her several miles home, a perfect gentleman, then walked to his own home, all in his formal wear. They rode lots of motorcycles in those days, Bultacos and Husqvarnas, the motocross cycles of the 60’s. Some of his old buddies are Harley men now and they lined them up proudly out front.

It was a good day at the historic Pedro Point Firehouse. I will always remember it. Thank you Susan, Melissa, Bruce, Minister Miles, and the honor guard for your kindness and consideration.



Jim Nelson 2/13/1951-7/11/2014

The Most Holy Rosary Chapel at St. Vincent’s School for Boys in Marinwood (San Rafael) is very large. Nevertheless, Jim Nelson’s family and friends overwhelmed its capacity. They filled the foyer and some stood outside. Jim was a football coach for more than 30 years in Marin County, was well-loved and widely respected. During the service, those he had coached, their family members, and those he had played football with were asked to stand. At least half the congregation were on their feet in a moment. Thank you, Mary, for inviting me to participate. It was an absolute honor.

20140717__MIJ-L-NELSON-0718~3_200 images

Josh Vallon/Devon Jurcso Wedding

Devon and Josh were married on July 11 at the Brazilian Room (aka “Brazil Room”) in Tilden Park, Berkeley. It was nearly sunset and the light on the bride’s face brought out her radiance perfectly. It was a “you had to be there” moment. She and Josh are really fine people and I am very grateful to have performed for their ceremony. The patio at the Brazilian Room has a backdrop that is unbeatable too.


Inverness Yacht Club Fleet Blessing

This was my third year performing for the annual blessing of the fleet in Inverness, California, now very close to home since I moved to Forest Knolls in west Marin County. I led the procession of clergy and Inverness Yacht Club members from St. Columba’s Church, down Sir Francis Drake Blvd, around the YC yard, and out to the end of the pier where the blessing ceremony takes place. I’m always invited to lunch and made very welcome. Thanks to Jim, Dudley, and John who have been so gracious and kind.

This year, I found that an old high school friend, Sam H. is a member. I visited with him and Sarah, his wife. It turns out we have mutual friends elsewhere in Marin. One thing led to another and I was invited to crew in races on their International 110’s  a fast boat design with a trapeze rig for crew to suspend far outboard  – very exciting. Thanks to Milly B., Annie L, and Chris L. for showing me the ropes, so to speak. It’s a fun boat and the people just wonderful!


Jacob Nicols / Mary Meihaus Wedding

Saturday, June 28 was a perfect day. The weather was just right. The church and grounds were inspiring and the bride, lovely. Mary and Debbie, her mother were very proactive in working with me to chose the best tunes and location to play from. The Church of the Nativity in Menlo Park interior is very high and open, very cathedral-like. I was inspired by the whole experience. I also got to play background music during photos while guests waited to be shuttled to the reception. It’s one of my favorite ways to perform because I get to play the best music I know, and I am in control of the flow of tempos and musical moods. The guests were into it and we all had a lot of fun! Special thanks to Mary and Debbie. I really enjoyed being part of the great day.

Check out the steeple!


Kathy Lynn Schultz 3/6 1951 – 6/11 2014

Sarah Schultz asked me to perform for her mom’s service at the BoaVentura De Caires winery (very rustic) in Livermore. The memories were sweet and you could sense lots love among the family members. Sometimes a musician feels more welcome and appreciated than most and this was one of those times. I felt most at home with this group of family and friends. Kudos to Ken Wolter who presided over the service for helping me coordinate my performance. BV