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Photos of Fred Payne Champion Bagpiper

As a professional bagpiper for hire, Fred Payne Champion Bagpiper can play at your event in several formal and informal styles of dress. Tartans include Hunting Buchanan, Ancient Buchanan, and MacKenzie. Please donít hesitate to request the style that will best set the mood for your wedding, funeral, memorial, birthday, graduation, anniversary or corporate event.

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If you are seeking a professional bagpiper for hire in the San Francisco Bay Area or anywhere else in Northern or Central California, we invite you to call Fred Payne Champion Bagpiper at: 510-926-9579.



Fred Payne Champion Bagpiper specializes in bagpipe music for weddings, funerals, memorials, golf tournaments, corporate events, birthday parties and retirement parties. Bagpiper for hire throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including: Oakland, Napa, Sonoma, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Berkeley, and Sacramento.


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